Half + Half at the Brooklyn Academy of Music & MIT Reality Hack

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I’ve got a few quick updates to share today, so let’s dive right in.

MIT Reality Hack

Last month Normal got to sponsor the MIT Reality Hack hackathon and had an absolute blast working with everyone there. I just about cried when everyone cheered for us during the opening ceremony. We rarely get to see the developers using Normcore in-person, so it was incredibly encouraging to hear how many people have used Normcore and were excited about the work we’re doing :’)


We believe in multiplayer VR because of its potential to connect users across physical distances, but we were particularly fond of a project called Duet that brings people into a shared physical space.

Check out the full video on Vimeo.

The concept is gorgeous. You start off alone and through the use of dance, you’re guided along a path illuminated only by the steps that you need to take next. As you approach the end of your path, you reach out to discover your partner making contact with you. Guided by a bio-luminescent light, you move through a dance together as your bodies paint brush strokes through the environment.


I think it’s easy to see how many games translate to VR, but I’m always amazed to see how people build off of the things we already do in the real world. I can’t wait to see more content like this as the space continues to grow.


We learned a lot from seeing how developers are using Normcore practically. We’re excited to fold all of that into future updates to the Normcore SDK :)


Congratulations to all the participants, sponsors, and organizers for hosting such an awesome hackathon! We loved it and couldn’t recommend it more highly. If you were a participant at the hackathon, you’ll be receiving your free year of Normcore Pro from the MIT Reality Hack team in the coming weeks.

Half + Half at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

We’re excited to announce that beginning on February 22, Half + Half will be presented as part of the Teknopolis exhibit at the Brooklyn Academy of Music!


Teknopolis is an interactive technology showcase hosted by BAM, which explores how artists are using virtual and augmented reality, projection mapping, and other tools to create user-centered interactive, multisensory installations.


At Normal, we believe virtual reality has the ability to bring people together instead of isolating them further, but doing so requires careful thought and consideration. Half + Half was our first foray into creating a game that was designed from the beginning to help you connect with people you know, and also to connect with people you don’t, even for a short while.


If you haven’t had a chance to play it, we highly recommend checking out the installation! The exhibition runs from February 22 to March 8 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. You can grab your tickets on BAM’s website now! We hope to see you there :)


That’s it for now, until next time, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @normalvr and @maxweisel for the latest.


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