An open-source keyboard to make your own

A while back, my friend Robbie let me try out a keyboard his team was working on at Google. It was something they were calling the ‘drum keyboard’ and, as you might suspect, it worked similarly to a set of drums. Using two hand controllers, you could bang out letters on large keys, spelling out […]

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Your Couch, Now in VR!

We at Normal VR have been working in VR for a while now, and have come to notice a pattern…   Your browser does not support the video tag.   …people really enjoy watching other people humiliate themselves.   Well, yes, but not the problem we’re talking about today, which is: People keep running into […]

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Throwing Throw Down

Hi everyone and welcome to our blog! We are NormalVR, your neighborhood virtual reality shop. As we delve deeper into VR, we occasionally come across obstacles and opportunities that we think are worth sharing with the VR community. We hope to write about how we navigate the unique set of problems VR presents developers and […]

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